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but the woman is maybe not a devout member by herself. The woman mummy and step-father have become active in the Watchtower company. She has bible learn with her mother and a few of the woman company who are additionally Jehovah’s witnesses. My personal question for you is what would be the pro’s and con’s with respect to a relationship with a Jehovah’s experience? Will it be most negative than positive in a married relationship?


Thanks a lot for emailing us and sharing about your condition with your fiance that is Jehovah’s observe. Our very own hearts head out for you when controling this hard concern. We can imagine the concerns you have got around marrying somebody who try involved with the Jehovah’s observe faith plus they are certainly good.

We worked with a number of lovers by which a person is a Jehovah’s observe and another is certainly not and now we have discovered so it has been extremely tough in order for them to manage to function with the differences between Christian philosophy and Watchtower theories. Even yet in instances when others spouse isn’t a Christian possesses maybe not particular faith beliefs, it is still hard considering the mental controls the Watchtower exerts on the customers. Should you choose to wed this Jehovah’s Witness lady, certain problem you are likely to deal with inside relationship are as follows:

CHILDREN IMPACTED BY WATCHTOWER TEACHINGS: because the Watchtower shows that non-Jehovah’s Witnesses will be destroyed hence experience of non-Jehovah’s Witness peers can lead to religious dying, there clearly was continuous stress to train offspring when you look at the theories of Watchtower to get them to be baptized in the faith at the earliest opportunity. Jehovah’s Witnesses youngsters are constantly ridiculed by non-Jehovah’s Witness classmates since they are banned to: Salute the flag, connect extensively with non-Jehovah’s Witness associates, be involved in any getaway strategies, nor be productive in extra-curricular tasks (like group, sports, etc) if these tasks prevent them from attending group meetings at empire Hall during few days. Children are also expected to complete all their required homework in the Watchtower literature in addition to homework from school. Hence, discover almost no opportunity in which Jehovah’s observe youngsters are permitted to just be children.

UNIT COMPLETE PRAYER: families prayer energy was greatly affected if the partner is certainly not one

Although the prospective girlfriend isn’t doing the faith very highly right now, this really is no guarantee that she will continue to the sidelines for the Watchtower religion. The feel indicates that when problems when you look at the relationship or families problems occurs, unless the Jehovah’s Witness try ready to undergo deprogramming or Christian sessions to split free through the mind-controlling elements of Watchtower reasoning, the initial put the partner goes is to instantly return back once again to the Jehovah’s observe faith for information and protection. This is especially valid when the Jehovah’s experience lover has actually family relations involved. do not take too lightly the level with the force Jehovah’s observe relatives may use to obtain the inactive companion back in the corporation. In the event that friend profits into Watchtower, since possess occurred in a few instances there is caused, there are that less than 50% of the marriages endure.

We’ve unearthed that despite instances when a spouse decided not to ever push the Jehovah’s observe faith in to the marriage, actually this does not show effective once the children come-along and there is a combat over which faith the kids will likely be lifted in. Moreover, whether their Jehovah’s observe fiance knows they or otherwise not, the woman planning in the majority of areas of life is affected by the Jehovah’s Witness thinking she’s got started raised with. The actual fact that she cannot attempt to consciously bring the faith to the commitment, this lady thought-processes and responses to problems while they happen inside relationship will eventually getting afflicted by exactly what this lady has started coached. So, the religion will become a stronger factor in your own relationships, unless really effectively handled.

Thus, we’d strongly promote you to either lengthen your wedding to deal with the problems for the Watchtower together with your fiance or reconsider your decision to marry when the problem of “religion” are not remedied.

“Do not sure along with unbelievers; for just what relationship have righteousness and lawlessness, or exactly what fellowship has actually light with darkness?” —2 Corinthians 6:14 (Unique American Regular Bible)

We might additionally encourage one look at the soon after content linked on our web site to grasp what you’re working with in case the potential wife chooses to get more active in the Watchtower business:

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