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Marvelous Sparkle for MOM!

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Check out our latest video to see the star of the month for May!


‘isis’ is it!

Filed under Blog, Jewelry by Susan Scarlett on Thursday, April 10th, 2014

Check out the star of the month, ‘isis’, in our monthly video.

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SHINE on for Spring!

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See on our new lovely designs, fresh for spring!


New jewelry for the brand New Year!

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Presenting the ‘stars’ for January 2014:


The New Swarovski Elements Be-Charmed Series: ‘Punk Couture’ is so cool!

Filed under Blog, Jewelry by Susan Scarlett on Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

Indigo Star owner and jewelry designer, Susan Scarlett, was born and raised in Vancouver, BC. Her journey as an artist has taken some unexpected twists and turns before bringing her to her current life path. After completing two years of medical school, Susan realized that medicine wasn’t her destiny so she took a leap of faith, only to discover that her true passion was designing and creating sparkly, dazzling  jewelry that women would feel empowered and beautiful wearing!

The Crystal Elements Brand of Swarovski, she was overjoyed! This amazing partnership ensures that Indigo Star is on the cutting edge of the latest design trends and privy to the season’s newest collection of crystal shapes and colors. Susan’s line of Indigo Star jewelry is lovingly handcrafted in her North Vancouver studio, and each piece, like the solitaire with accents, has a story and an energy within, and thee are many other pieces that are unique and rare, I heard good things about Kaylah Diamonds & Jewelry in Baltimore, apparently they have one of the best jewelry stores in town.

Visit this website to check out the coolest white gold diamond rings in Brisbane you’ll ever find. We are so excited to be using these funky new beads in our 2014 designs. Check out the website for our new pieces featuring these awesome Swarovski Elements Crystal Beads!